[rabbitmq-discuss] Public & Private Areas

Daniel N has.sox at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 22:59:38 GMT 2009

Hi Guys,

I am a n00b so please don't hurt me :P  I pinged the irc channel yesterday
and I was directed to post here.

I have heard users and realms have been removed from rabbitmq for whatever
reason but I didn't want to specifically talk about that.  Instead what I'll
do is put what I'd like to do up so we can pick it to pieces and see why
it's good / bad.  I have a feeling I may be thinking about things in the
wrong way.

What I wanna do:

I'd like to setup my service via two virtual hosts.
1. Public.  People should be able to publish a message to my public
exchanges only.  They should not be able to create queues, listen to queues,
create exchanges.  Just publish to a predefined list of exchanges.  This is
the public area.  They should not read queues because other ppls data will
be on them, they should not be able to setup their own system on the network
and use my resources for their own purposes.

2. Private.  When someone publishes a message on the Public virtual host and
my worker gets it from the queue, I want to throw it over the fence into the
Private virtual host so that I can do the actual work of the service without
people getting in an screwing with my system.

What this will allow me to do is to allow people to connect to the messaging
network directly to send messages to my service.  They don't have to go
through a web HTTP interface, nor do I have to focus on providing a scaled
HTTP interface.  If they can connect to the messaging backbone directly I
think it would be the most efficient, and useful way to provide public
access to my service.

Now that I've got that out, am I thinking about this the wrong way?  Is
there any way to do what I'm suggesting?  Is it a valid thing to want to do?

I'm pretty fresh with messaging systems so I'm happy to take advice on how
to do this properly. :)

Looking forward to your responses (hopefully) ;-)

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