[rabbitmq-discuss] message-id assignment in experimental STOMP adapter

Tony Garnock-Jones tonyg at lshift.net
Wed Feb 11 13:11:53 GMT 2009

Alexander Petry wrote:
> Some  parts  of  my  client  code   aim   to   provide   an   rpc   like
> semantic that relies on the message ids (i.e.  I need to know the  exact
> message id with which a message is sent).  Up to now I simply  used  the
> "message-id"   header   field   which   worked   perfectly   well   with
> ActiveMQ.  Is there  a  reason  why  the  STOMP  adapter  disregards  my
> message-ids (I just want to know) - in case there is, I will simply  use
> my own header-field.

It uses message-id because STOMP requires ACKs to refer to the
message-id header, and the internal details of RabbitMQ do something a
bit different.

The AMQP message-id header (part of the Basic content-header structure)
is carried in a STOMP header called "amqp-message-id" on both SEND and
MESSAGE -- you could use that, instead, and it should be propagated to
both STOMP and AMQP clients.

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