[rabbitmq-discuss] message-id assignment in experimental STOMP adapter

Alexander Petry petry at itwm.fhg.de
Wed Feb 11 09:20:55 GMT 2009

Hi list!

I am currently switching my client software code from using the ActiveMQ
broker to RabbitMQ and am using the  (experimental)  STOMP  adapter  for
RabbitMQ. During my tests it occured to me that the stomp adapter issues
message-ids on its own, regardless of whether I  already  had  specified
one or not.

Some  parts  of  my  client  code   aim   to   provide   an   rpc   like
semantic that relies on the message ids (i.e.  I need to know the  exact
message id with which a message is sent).  Up to now I simply  used  the
"message-id"   header   field   which   worked   perfectly   well   with
ActiveMQ.  Is there  a  reason  why  the  STOMP  adapter  disregards  my
message-ids (I just want to know) - in case there is, I will simply  use
my own header-field.

Thanks in advance and best regards,

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