[rabbitmq-discuss] FW: RabbitMQ 3.2.4 crashes - std_alloc: Cannot allocate 1125562100111744 bytes of memory (of type "arg_reg")

Oskar Liljeblad oskar at osk.mine.nu
Wed Mar 19 08:08:51 GMT 2014

> On 19/03/14 07:13, Oskar Liljeblad wrote:
> > Hi! That was in a different cluster, and we solved that problem by
> > not mirroring some queues (!). The new crashes occur on a standalone
> > node. Just need to know how to enable debugging. I'm not familiar
> > with Erlang debugging in general, but if you'd tell me to run
> > rabbitmq-server in gdb, recompile etc I'd probably know what to do.
> The error likely occurs *while* rabbit is trying to write some debug 
> information. In other words, something went wrong, rabbit tries to write 
> debug info, and it's the writing of the debug info that then produces 
> the error you are seeing.
> So there are two problems here: 1) the one that caused the debug 
> information to be written, 2) the one that causes the writing of the 
> debug information to produce an error.
> You didn't answer my question whether there was anything noteworthy in 
> the logs. I am hoping that might help identify (1).

I have parsed and checked the logs, and there is no interesting message
prior to crash. The only messages I see are 'accepting AMQP connection'
and 'closing AMQP connection' messages prior to the crashes.



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