[rabbitmq-discuss] How to manage changes to exchanges and queues in different production environments

Ulrich von Poblotzki u.v.poblotzki at gmail.com
Thu Jan 23 21:00:12 GMT 2014


what is the best practices for deploying changes to the rabbitmq server 
configuration between different production environments? 

A little background: There are three different production environments 
(develop, test and production). Different teams relay on rabbitmq for there 
services and define queues and exchanges by as needed by there modules. For 
each release I have to select the right configurations for the module 
versions to be deployed. Currently this is done by textual descriptions, 
like ("version X need queues A, and exchanges B"). This is very 
error-prone. I was thinking of using the export and import for the 
management plugin. But I can't take the whole configuration from develop to 
test, to production, because parts of them belong to unfinished versions. 

We are using Liquibase for our database schema migrations and I would like 
to adapt a similar scheme in order to manage change sets to the rabbitmq 
configuration. Are there any tools for this or what is your best practices? 

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