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shridharan muthu shridharan.m at gmail.com
Fri Jan 10 17:54:38 GMT 2014

Hi there,
  Since our production application tier uses php, publisher connections
can't be long lived. A typical use case is that a publisher will establish
a connection, publish a message and close the connection. Normally, we have
about ~1000 connections open with one or two hundred messages in the queues
and with a publish rate of ~800 msgs/sec. We faced a situation where
consumers weren't consuming for approx 2 mins which caused the cluster to
become slow (probably too many publishers and no consumers). BTW, I am
working on fixing the consumer issue separately. I noticed the connections
started to pile up from the application tier and at one point we had
~11,000 open connections with ~70,000 msgs in the queues. As a result,
cluster wasn't in a usable condition.

   What bothers me most about this situation is the total number of
connections. Total messages seem to be non significant compared to what
Rabbit cluster can handle. I would like to improve this situation by
creating a service layer on top of RabbitMQ cluster with long lived
connections (probably a java service) to avoid creating a connection on the
fly and tearing it down. I am willing to take the performance hit on each
requests for . Does this sound reasonable? Is there a best practice for a
situation like this?

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