[rabbitmq-discuss] pika/puka

bernhard bs at bit-field.de
Thu Jan 2 15:52:59 GMT 2014


allow me a beginners question. I played a bit with the pika examples to
see, if I can use amqp in my own projects. Everything looks very
promising for me.
But I did not find a way, to do my own event loop. Then I found puka,
which exposes the raw socket fd and allows for own event loops. Looks
very nice for me too. But it seems to be unsupported for a long time.

The reason, why I want my own event loop, is that I want to avoid
threads (no, I don't want to start a flame war; just my personal style).
And I want to be informed by events from external devices (connected by
serial, ethernet, ...) very fast. So adding the fds to the select()
seems natural for me.

Did I explore pika not good enough (I read about the asynchronous parts,
but as far, as I see, it is not, what I need)? Or is puka maintained
somewhere I didn't look?

Do have any hints for me?

Thank you.


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