[rabbitmq-discuss] MQTT cannot connect client

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Thu Jan 2 12:19:05 GMT 2014

Hi Tom,

On 30/12/13 18:58, tom collins wrote:
> However after about five cycles (The amount of times seems to differ) of
> the client abruptly closing and connecting RMQ seems to hang and does
> not respond to any client connection. The MQTT client attempts to
> connect, appears in the management interface connections but does not
> respond meaning the client times out(or waits for the response if a
> timeout isn't specified).

Can you establish a TCP connection on the MQTT port when the broker is
in this hanging state? Does "rabbitmqctl report" or "rabbitmqctl status"
return results?

There was a bugfix relating to disconnection of clients that share the
same client id - see item 25887 here:
Have you tried with the latest version of the broker?

Otherwise, would it be possible to supply a network packet capture that
illustrates the problem?


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