[rabbitmq-discuss] Multifunctional Rabbit Architectures

Eric Berg eric.berg at salesforce.com
Sun Feb 23 13:47:03 GMT 2014

Thanks Michael and Jerry for your input, I really appreciate it.

Roughly how many nodes are in your proxy cluster? What sort of message
rate/size does it handle? What sort of HA policy do you have if a proxy
cluster node goes down?
How does the cluster proxy? Federation or shovel?
Do all downstream clusters serve the same purpose or are they separated by
How did you go about determining this topology for your requirements? Was
it just a trial and error type experiment or are there well established
patterns that I am unaware of?

When you say "It's very widely done" do you mean:
A. A large cluster to contain everything or
B. A 'proxy' type upstream cluster that serves as a global entry point

Thanks so much guys!
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