[rabbitmq-discuss] Multifunctional Rabbit Architectures

Eric Berg eric.berg at salesforce.com
Thu Feb 20 21:54:54 GMT 2014

I currently have a 5 node cluster setup in production that handles 80
queues with an HA policy of 2 nodes, peaking at about 30M total messages
and 10K msg/sec all for one type of task. Our application will need queues
going forward for a variety of unrelated tasks but I would still like one
entry point as the messages typically originate from the same place, and I
would like to avoid multiple connections per process.

A few questions:
Any reason to not keep adding nodes to the same cluster other than for
latency potential and queue master/slave ownership?
I was considering adding federation where a single upstream cluster would
handle all incoming messages, then several clusters downstream would
federate the exchanges that they needed, is this a common or unusual
Are there any good resources for discussions or blogs where others have
discussed more complicated architectures?

Thanks for your insight!

- Eric Berg
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