[rabbitmq-discuss] Dead-Lettering Performance

Maciej Lopacinski hamsterready at gmail.com
Wed Mar 20 15:11:11 GMT 2013

Hi lads,

I am designing and implementing RabbitMQ-based solution which main 
requirement is around delayed delivery.

Main use case is:
 - I have message source which generates messages anytime during the day,
 - depending on message content - delay time is computed,
 - message expiration time is set (per message TTL, not x-message-ttl nor 
 - message dead-letter-routing-key is set and dead-letter-exchange is set 
(on queues: q60, q120, q180, ...)
 - based on delay time (60s, 120s, 180s, 240s, ...) message is routed to 
dedicated queue (q60, q120, q180, ...)


My question:
 - is it valid use of message expiration time?
 - are there any caveats around dead-lettering performance?
 - are there any guarantees around dead-lettering performance?
 - does dead-lettering has same "priority" as others "internal operations" 
in RabbitMQ broker?

Any comments would be great.


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