[rabbitmq-discuss] Impact of Updating Queue Parameters on Queued Messages

Simon MacMullen simon at rabbitmq.com
Wed Dec 18 10:10:05 GMT 2013

On 17/12/2013 18:55, Richard Raseley wrote:
> Follow-up question:
> There doesn't seem to be a lot in the policy documentation about the
> available definitions for (specifically) the DLX policies. Am I correct
> in assuming there is also a 'dead-letter-routing-key' definition that I
> can use for the expected effect?

 From http://www.rabbitmq.com/dlx.html:

"Similarly, an explicit routing key can be specified by adding the key 
"dead-letter-routing-key" to the policy."

So yes :-)

> If yes, is it preferred that these be defined in the same policy or
> separate policies with different priorities?

Only one policy can apply to any queue / exchange, so they need to be in 
the same one.

Cheers, Simon

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