[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ, Even Tracking, Rails

Ceri Storey ceri at lshift.net
Fri Oct 26 15:26:02 BST 2012

(25/10/12 18:55), Mark wrote:
> I've been looking into RabbitMQ as a possible event/logging tracking system for use with our Rails application. Surprisingly there doesn't seem to be much information/testimonials on using RabbitMQ with Rails so I was hoping to hear some advice from others who may have traveled down this path. Could you explain your use case?
> There appears to be 2 players in the ruby amqp space, ruby-amqp/amqp  (asynchronous) and ruby-amqp/bunny (synchronous).  Do people typically choose one over the other and what would be the reasons for choosing? 
I'd say that the deciding factor would likely by how well it fits with
the rest of your application in terms of structure--so for example,
Rails is almost entirely (modulo some new features in the unreleased
Rails 4) synchronous, so Bunny would likely be the better choice in that
case. On the other hand, if you are creating a specific consumer
application, then Eventmachine and the AMQP would likely be the better
choice. But as with anything, it'd likely be worth doing a spike to see
how well it fits with your use case.


> Thanks
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