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Ashutosh Mathur amathur.q at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 12:20:40 GMT 2012


-> Is it possible to use both ActiveMQ broker and RabbitMQ broker in the
same application/project? I want to send some messages using ActiveMQ/JMS
and some using RabbitMQ/AMQP(please don't ask why!!).
I tried using both ..but my application keeps giving a JMS exception .Is it
possible for ActiveMQ broker to interact/listen to a RabbitMQ broker and
vice-versa(i guess using  a bridge of some sort)? if yes,then how do we
build the bridge between the two?

->how can we define JAVA beans for
using XML,so that we need not define connection,connection-factory in every
listener/sender we create.? is the following correct way of defining  a
Rabbit Template:

<bean id="rabbitTemplate"

Thanks in advance.
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