[rabbitmq-discuss] Puka client and publisher confirms performance

Christos Stavrakakis stavr.chris at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 12:31:42 GMT 2012


I am using Puka client [1] in order to send messages with guaranteed 
delivery using publisher confirms.

Trying to send 200.000 messages I see that waiting for the confirms, 
takes a lot of time.

To be more specific:

     promises = []
     t0 = time.time()
     for i in range(0,200000):
         promise = client.basic_publish(exchange='test_exchange', 
body="Hello world!")

     t1 = time.time()
     t2 = time.time()
     promise = client.close()

In this example t1-t0 is arround 9s while t2-t1 is more than 100 seconds!!
Increasing the number of messages results in even worse performance.

Can anyone explain this behavior ? Is there a more effective way to use 
publisher confirms ?


[1]: https://github.com/majek/puka
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