[rabbitmq-discuss] Basic High Availability questions

King, Christopher CKing at BroadViewNet.com
Thu Mar 1 18:10:00 GMT 2012



We are using RabbitMQ in a Pacemaker/corosync HA cluster.  Our current
implementation is very basic: Pacemaker manages the rabbitmq server as a
resource, and we have a floating IPAddr2 resource that is grouped with
it.  The single floating IP address is a requirement of our system.


I've been reading the mirrored queue article, and have a few questions.

1)      Are the master/slave broker nodes managed by Pacemaker (or some
similar HA system) to bring the nodes into service and/or restart in the
case of failure?  Does the master/salve term refer to the broker nodes
(i.e. A Pacemaker Stateful resource) or only the mirrored queues?

2)      It appears that the consumer client can connect to any broker,
and if it is consuming from a mirrored queue, it effectively is
consuming from the master node.  I.e., A client can have a connection
open to any broker node in the rabbitmq cluster, but effectively is
still consuming from the master node of a mirrored queue.  Is that
understanding correct?

3)      Does the server have support for floating IP addresses in 2.7.1?
(The 2.4.0 behaviour seems to be that the server will only bind to an IP
address at startup.  If the IP address becomes valid later, as in the
floating IP case, the server can't see it.)



Chris King


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