[rabbitmq-discuss] FW: [PECL-DEV] [ANNOUNCEMENT] amqp-0.3.0 (beta) Released.

Pieter de Zwart pdezwart at rubiconproject.com
Fri Jun 10 03:11:44 BST 2011

Hey everyone,

Andy Wick and Jonathan Tansavatdi have done some work to improve the PHP
extension for AMQP compliant brokers. Please check it out and let us know
how it works for you!


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Subject: [PECL-DEV] [ANNOUNCEMENT] amqp-0.3.0 (beta) Released.

The new PECL package amqp-0.3.0 (beta) has been released at

Release notes
0.3.0 Release:
Fixed memory leaks in many functions (courtesy Jonathan Tansavatdi and Andy
Fixed consume method to return proper values
Cleaned up variable usage
Fixed bugs:
    * 22638: Unexpected exit code 1 with AMQPQueue::consume()
    * 22698: AMQPQueue::consume

0.2.2 Release:
Made extension compatible with PHP lt 5.3 (courtesy John Skopis)
Fixed wrong typing of message properties (courtesy John Skopis)

0.2.1 Release:
Fixed refcount decrementing bug causing segfaults.

0.2.0 Release:
Works with AMQP 0-8 and 0-9-1 (used by RabbitMQ 2.*)
Modified AMQPConnection object:
    * Requires call to 'connect' method to connect (no longer connects on
    * Added support for disconnect and reconnect
    * Added helper setters for port, host, vhost, login and password
Improved consume method to block for MIN messages, and try to get MAX
messages if available
Fixed zval descoping bugs
Fixed bugs:
    * 17809: Couldn't compile pecl extension under PHP 5.3
    * 17831: Segmentation fault when the exchange doesn't exists
    * 19707: AMQPQueue::get() doesn't return the message
    * 19840: Connection Exception

Package Info
This extension can communicate with any AMQP spec 0-9-1 compatible server,
such as RabbitMQ, OpenAMQP and Qpid, giving you the ability to create and
delete exchanges and queues, as well as publish to any exchange and consume
from any queue.

Related Links
Package home: http://pecl.php.net/package/amqp
   Changelog: http://pecl.php.net/package-changelog.php?package=amqp
    Download: http://pecl.php.net/get/amqp-0.3.0.tgz

Pieter de Zwart (lead)

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