[rabbitmq-discuss] publish/suscribe model with typed consumers

PADIOU Pierre-Marie (MORPHO) pierre-marie.padiou at morpho.com
Fri Jun 10 11:15:01 BST 2011


I am currently struggling with the following use case:
- I am using a publish/subscribe model
- I've got many subscribers and I only want one of them to process a publisher's message
- requests can be of many types (say A to Z), and each consumer knows how to deal with only a subset of them

For example :
- consumer 1 can process requests A to M
- consumer 2 can process requests N to Z
- consumer 3 can process requests F to Q

There is actually far more types than that (say a thousand). For now, the only solution I see would be to create as many queues as requests types (queueA, queueB, etc), and make consumer listen to the appropriate queues.

Thing is:
- this implies that consumers create as many threads as queues there are listening from (more than a hundred in my case), which I would like to avoid.
- or I could make a single thread of a consumer randomly and sequentially dequeue messages from all queues assigned to it?

Is there a better way to handle this?

Thanks in advance


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