[rabbitmq-discuss] Error code 404 NOT_FOUND when declaring a queue in a clustered server (using .NET client)

Alfonso alfonso.pantoja at gmail.com
Fri Feb 25 11:09:13 GMT 2011

Continues from my previous post:

My question is:

Can you recommend me which is the best solution for consuming durable
queues in a clustered environment?

After the error SERVER_2 behavoir was strange. I created via consumer
another queue on it (a queue name didn't exist in SERVER_1 which
remained offline) and the queue were created but on the web admin all
its attributes were marked as "?" (Ready ?, Unacked ?, Total ?). I
also saw that sending a message had no effect on this as all
attributes continued being "?".

I hope someone could give me some advice on this.

Thank you in advance.



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