[rabbitmq-discuss] is there any possibility to remotely unbind a queue or close an exchange?

Jerry Kuch jerryk at vmware.com
Tue Feb 8 20:56:55 GMT 2011

Hi, Cristoforo...

> I'm facing into a scenario where I need to remotely destroy, or unbind
> a subscriber from a queue or even close an exchange. For example,
> taking into account a third-party authentication server (I call it
> "Auth Server") wich gives the subscriber some access rights to use
> with RabbitMQ in order to connect to the broker; the policy may
> require that the subscriber can be connected with the broker for only
> one hour, after that it should be stopped. Here is my question. Is
> there any possibility for the Auth Server to remotely destroy a queue,
> an exchange or a channel on the RabbitMQ server? Thanks in advance for
> any response.

Assuming I'm following you correctly, and that this third party entity
you're building that you want to handle the cleaning up of bindings,
queues, exchanges, etc. is itself a Rabbit client and has connected to
the broker with suitable permissions, you should be able to do such

Check out our AMQP quick reference at:


Methods you're likely to find of interest are queue.unbind,
exchange.unbind, queue.delete and exchange.delete.  You'll likely find
invoking them to be fairly straightforward (IIRC you're a user of the
.NET client?).  Be sure to check the documentation carefully to make
sure a given teardown method tears down all you expect and not more
(for example queue.delete cancels all consumers on the queue in

Best regards,

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