[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ Test case - Possible Memory Leak problem

Jerry Kuch jerryk at vmware.com
Tue Feb 8 17:15:56 GMT 2011

Hi, Cristofo...

> Hi Jerry, sorry to bother you again! if you remember our discussion
> about some rabbitmq crash problems. However I think i've found a
> solution wich seems for me to work. I've used all the previous
> configurations and test applications with the last version of Erlang
> Installed on my win 2003 machine (so I'm moved from the erlang
> "R13B03" to the "R14B01") and thanks to this version, my test
> application works fine. As I said before, my intentions were to
> compare RabbitMQ with ActiveMQ and now I finally got out some useful
> results. if you are interesting I can send you a Excel file which
> reports (thanks to some diagrams...) the differences between the two
> servers. Thanks.  Cristoforo.

No bother at all!  I'm glad you've got a solution that's viable for
you now.  That said, there are still some issues with memory handling
in the Windows version of Erlang, but as we discussed previously they
tend to only manifest when the process is under significant memory
stress, as it might get, for example, when a significant imbalance
between producers and consumers exists for too long.  We've yet to see
those issues under Linux, so long term, at least until the Windows
Erlang situation improves, deploying on that OS is always something to
keep in mind.

If you're able to share your data and test results, I think we'd
really appreciate seeing that.  Depending on what the data contain,
someone on the team may even have some suggestions on optimization
for your specific scenario.

Best regards,

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