[rabbitmq-discuss] is there any possibility to remotely unbind a queue or close an exchange?

Crisoforo Seccia cristofer.seccia at gmail.com
Tue Feb 8 16:34:19 GMT 2011

Hi All,
I'm facing into a scenario where I need to remotely destroy, or unbind a
subscriber from a queue or even close an exchange. For example, taking into
account a third-party authentication server (I call it "Auth Server") wich
gives the subscriber some access rights to use with RabbitMQ in order to
connect to the broker; the policy may require that the subscriber can be
connected with the broker for only one hour, after that it should be
stopped. Here is my question. Is there any possibility for the Auth Server
to remotely destroy a queue, an exchange or a channel on the RabbitMQ
server? Thanks in advance for any response.
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