[rabbitmq-discuss] Ideas on Local Buffering when Broker Is Down?

Simone Busoli simone.busoli at gmail.com
Mon Dec 26 01:09:33 GMT 2011

Hi James, I've had to cope with this scenario as well and while I can't say
that I've handled it in the most effective way (I'm keeping an in-memory
queue which is drained while the connection is up and fills-up while the
connection is down) I'm wondering whether implementing a solution which
assumes the existence of another rabbit-like middleware nearer to the
publisher isn't just moving the problem somewhere else while at the same
time making the whole infrastructure much more complex. Is there really a
"best way" to deal with this kind of failures?
On Dec 26, 2011 1:46 AM, "James Carr" <james.r.carr at gmail.com> wrote:

> So one of the things I really have to commit to at work is come up with
> some kind of local buffering solution when central brokers are down. This
> is one hole in the infrastructure that naysayers use against me at work to
> convince other devs to use OracleAQ instead of RabbitMQ and it's been
> driving me insane (if not only for the excuse that it is okay when OracleAQ
> is down because that means the database is down and the public site is down
> anyway)! :)
> I originally decided to just use local RabbitMQ brokers on each box that
> would be publishing with federated exchanges and while this worked great on
> the machines I have influence over the other departments refuse to install
> RabbitMQ on their servers because their public web servers are already
> strapped to capacity. So I'm pretty much stuck with coming up with some
> little framework (I'll probably open source it) that I can have developers
> just use in their apps. Before I go this route does something like this
> already exist in java? In spring-amqp?
> My initial idea is to just implement AmqpTemplate from spring-aqmp and
> have it push messages into a local ehcache (or some other local cache)
> whenever a connection is broken. I'm open to other ideas or solutions, just
> need some fool proof way to handle this situation so I can get people to
> start using a more enlightened messaging solution.  :)
> Thanks,
> James
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