[rabbitmq-discuss] Ideas on Local Buffering when Broker Is Down?

James Carr james.r.carr at gmail.com
Mon Dec 26 00:46:19 GMT 2011

So one of the things I really have to commit to at work is come up with
some kind of local buffering solution when central brokers are down. This
is one hole in the infrastructure that naysayers use against me at work to
convince other devs to use OracleAQ instead of RabbitMQ and it's been
driving me insane (if not only for the excuse that it is okay when OracleAQ
is down because that means the database is down and the public site is down
anyway)! :)

I originally decided to just use local RabbitMQ brokers on each box that
would be publishing with federated exchanges and while this worked great on
the machines I have influence over the other departments refuse to install
RabbitMQ on their servers because their public web servers are already
strapped to capacity. So I'm pretty much stuck with coming up with some
little framework (I'll probably open source it) that I can have developers
just use in their apps. Before I go this route does something like this
already exist in java? In spring-amqp?

My initial idea is to just implement AmqpTemplate from spring-aqmp and have
it push messages into a local ehcache (or some other local cache) whenever
a connection is broken. I'm open to other ideas or solutions, just need
some fool proof way to handle this situation so I can get people to start
using a more enlightened messaging solution.  :)

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