[rabbitmq-discuss] Zombie direct exchanges

Rosa, Andrea andrea.rosa at hp.com
Mon Dec 5 09:57:33 GMT 2011


Here my scenario:
In a pub/consumer situation a consumer creates a queue and binds this queue to a direct exchange with auto-delete flag set to True.
Then start listening to that queue for messages, we have got a timeout and when the timeout expires the consumer stop listening to and delete itself, as results the exchange is correctly deleted.
The publisher before publish a message try to create the exchange.

In this process can happen that the publisher try to publish a message on the exchange after it has been deleted by the consumer, as result I have got some direct exchange on Rabbitmq without a bind, and those exchanges will remain alive forever, I will refer to them as zombie
My questions are:

-          Can you confirm that the publisher after publishing the message close the connection with Rabbitmq?

-          What are risks to have a lot of those zombie exchanges ?

-          There is a way to close zombie exchanges?

To solve the problem I am thinking to publish messages with mandatory flag set and to manage the Basic.return to close the exchange, is it a correct design?

Andrea Rosa
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