[rabbitmq-discuss] Thoughts from a new user

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Fri Sep 24 21:47:31 BST 2010


Adam Nelson wrote:
> The homebrew rabbitmq installation already exists and is maintained. 

Who is maintaining it? For all official rabbit distributions which we do 
not maintain directly ourselves we know the individuals who maintain 
them and liaise with them for new releases, resolution of any problems 
reported to them about rabbit vs to us about their packaging, etc.

Also, note that the rabbitmq formula is still stuck at version 2.0.0 
nine days after 2.1.0 was released. And 2.0.0 itself took 13 days to 
appear. Now, to me 13 days seems quite ok, but what kind of turnaround 
do homebrew users generally expect? Contrast this, for example, with the 
latest release of Erlang/OTP, which came out on the same day as rabbit 
2.1.0 and only took three days to appear in homebrew.



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