[rabbitmq-discuss] Thoughts from a new user

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Fri Sep 24 20:41:05 BST 2010


Adam Nelson wrote:
> 1. Everybody who is on a Mac likes Homebrew.  It should at least be 
> referred to on the downloads page, and most likely, it should be the 
> default installation recommendation for Mac users.  
> 2. David should make appropriate tickets on the Homebrew site 
> (individual ones, not one big one) for the naming conventions, etc... 
> that you would like homebrew to use.  I'm sure they'll be evenhanded. 

David's list contained a number of suggestions based on our experience 
with packaging rabbit for other platforms and the desire to keep the 
setup similar across platforms. If none of the homebrew users of rabbit 
think they need any of that stuff then nothing needs to be done.

We do not have the bandwidth to maintain the homebrew formula ourselves, 
and we do not want to recommend a preferred installation option for a 
platform unless we can be confident that said option is going to be 
actively maintained.

With that in mind, would you, perhaps together with some of the other 
homebrew users who have posted on this thread, be willing to become the 
maintainer of the rabbitmq-server homebrew formula?

We would certainly support you in that effort.

> 4. The documentation needs a major overhaul - soon.

We try to improve the docs incrementally. If say, you had one day to 
improve some aspect of the docs, what would be top of your list?

> 5. The codebase should be hosted on Github.com for easier interaction 
> with the wider community.

All our public hg repos are now mirrored onto github.

> 6. "it's unlikely we are going to repeat that effort for homebrew 
> (unless macports dies or something)." - Macports is dying - I hate to 
> break it to people.  Agreed, it is way ahead of Homebrew in maturity, 
> but MacPorts is too flawed to continue on.

And eventually homebrew will morph into or be replaced by something that 
more resembles the current package managers of mature Linux distributions ;)



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