[rabbitmq-discuss] problem with rabbitmq-server/Makefile

alex chen chen650 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 9 22:18:02 BST 2010


I found the problem was that the current Makefile does not work with make-3.80.  Sorry i mentioned that i used make-3.81 in my first email.  Actually it was 3.80.
with 3.8.0, "make" does not work.  "make all" works.

output from make-3.8.0:
$ make
erlc -I include -o ebin -Wall -v +debug_info -Duse_specs -pa ebin 
erlc -I include -o ebin -Wall -v +debug_info -Duse_specs -pa ebin

$ make all
erlc -I include -o ebin -Wall -v +debug_info -Duse_specs -pa ebin src/gen_server2.erl
erlc -I include -o ebin -Wall -v +debug_info -Duse_specs -pa ebin src/delegate.erl

we are using RHEL4 which has make-3.80 installed.  Is it possible to change the Makefile such that it works with 3.80?


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> Alex,

alex chen wrote:
> i checked out the rabbitmq-server from 
> source today, but it failed to generate the .beam files in ebin dir.
> it seems to me there is a problem in rabbitmq-server/Makefile:
> line 81:
> $(EBIN_DIR)/%.beam:
>   erlc $(ERLC_OPTS) 
> -pa $(EBIN_DIR) $<
> after changing it to:
> $(EBIN_DIR)/%.beam:  $(SOURCE_DIR)/%.erl
> Is this a 
> bug?  or maybe i am running an older version of make (version 
> 3.81)?
> thanks.

I'm on version 3.81 too and this works fine for 
> me.

Chances are the automatic dependency generation didn't work in your 
> environment. Please do a 'make clean' and then post the output of 'make' in the 
> original version. Also, let us know a) your platform, b) which hg revision of 
> the rabbit sources you are compiling, and c) what version of Erlang you have 
> installed.




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