[rabbitmq-discuss] Broker to Broker communication...

Chris Chew chrisch at ecollege.com
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> Would it look like this? 
> App B--->Exchange A-->Queue-->Exchange B-->Queue-->App A

Hi Jeff.

The part you are missing is the piece that "connects" the queue on Exchange A to Exchange B.  Prior to the upcoming 1.0 spec, AMQP does not define anything special for broker-to-broker mechanics.

You might consider the rabbitmq-shovel plugin to "shovel" the messages from one broker/exchange to another.  In your case, it would be from a broker in geographic location A to an analogous broker in geographic location B.

With shovel, the flow would look more like this:

          [ ......... Broker A .......... ]          [ ..... Broker B ..... ]
App B --> Exchange A --> Queue A --> Shovel -+WAN+-> Exchange B --> Queue --> App B



I hope this helps!


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