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I am a newbie to AMQP, and have spent the last couple of days reading through the 0.8 spec, as well as various articles on the Internet, and I am still not clear on what RabbitMQ/AMQP parts I would need for my purposes.

I would like to use RabbitMQ for communication between two Java applications, that are geographically separate, and separated by a global transit link with approx. 150ms latency. One application will produce messages anywhere upto 200 msgs/sec. This messages are very small and I need guaranteed delivery to the other application. Latency is not a big issue here, as its ok if the messages are not delivery to the consuming application for several seconds. Although the faster the delivery the better. I'm just indicating their is a broad degree of latency tolerance. Looking through the docs so far I believe I need to have two brokers one on each side of the WAN link. However I am not clear exactly what the topology would look like.

Would it look like this?

e.g. App B--->Exchange A-->Queue-->Exchange B-->Queue-->App A

or would I just configure a RabbitMQ Cluster where the nodes can be geographically separate as its using the OTP platform?

Any advice would be much appreciated. Ideally some example deployment topologies would be great as well.

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