[rabbitmq-discuss] rabbitmqctl status problem on windows server 2008 (the vista-ish variant)

Ryan Davis ryan at acceleration.net
Thu May 28 16:50:50 BST 2009


I'm having problems running "rabbitmqctl status".  It always returns
{badrpc,nodedown}.  Rabbit is running as a windows service, and I can
connect to it from clients with no problems, so I'm confident that
rabbit is running properly, and the status report is inaccurate.  From
everything I've read online, this is a erlang cookie problem, but for
the life of me I can't get it work.

I've copied .erlang.cookie files such that the following are identical:

    * C:\Windows\.erlang.cookie - this is what the rabbit service should use
    * C:\Users\ryan\AppData\Roaming\.erlang.cookie - this is what
      running erl.exe from a command window should use
    * C:\Users\ryan\.erlang.cookie - this should not be used anywhere,
      but was put here for superstition's sake

I've also tried changing the rabbitmqctl.bat file to try different
-setcookie arguments:

    * -setcookie "C:\Windows\.erlang.cookie" - which isn't right now
      that I look at the docs
    * -setcookie "XXX" - with XXX being the contents of
    * -setcookie XXX - same as above with no quotes

I also trying specifying the node with "-n rabbit at localhost" in case the
hostname was confusing things, but still no dice.  I was running these
from an administrator command prompt, so I don't think permissions are
the issue.

I can check my cookie using erlang:get_cookie(), and it returns 'XXX',
with XXX matching the contents of C:\Windows\.erlang.cookie.

I tried following some debugging steps listed at
http://somic.org/2009/02/19/on-rabbitmqctl-and-badrpcnodedown/, which is
linux-specific.  Running "net_adm:names()." does not list the rabbit
node.  One interesting bit is that if I start two eshells,
net_adm:names(). lists both of them.

My best guess is that rabbit is using a cookie differently than the one
in "C:\Windows\.erlang.cookie", but that doesn't make much sense to me.

Any help would be appreciated.


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