[rabbitmq-discuss] Patches for rabbitmq-client OSGi integration

Holger Hoffstätte holger at wizards.de
Mon May 18 10:55:19 BST 2009

Good morning!

Alexis Richardson wrote:
> Very cool - have you shown this to Neil?  (cc'd).

I took a peek at his rabbit-osgi project for inspiration. :)
He wrangled the bundle metainfo into the jar manually, and that is what I
wanted to add to the upstream client build. Once the client lib jar is a
proper bundle, Neil's (or any other) project will simply be smaller and
won't have to bundle a manually wrapped client lib any more.
Fwiw the fix itself is pretty small; I spent most of the time figuring out
 a workaround for a bug in bnd's ant task..


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