[rabbitmq-discuss] Patches for rabbitmq-client OSGi integration

Alexis Richardson alexis.richardson at gmail.com
Mon May 18 10:33:06 BST 2009


Very cool - have you shown this to Neil?  (cc'd).


2009/5/17 Holger Hoffstätte <holger at wizards.de>:
> Hi,
> I started to make the java-client lib a proper OSGi bundle so that it can
> be installed out of the box..into an OSGi box. :)
> A first version is now availabe from my clone at:
> http://hoho.dyndns.org/hg/rabbitmq-java-client/
> I tried to fold the necessary work into the existing build process as
> gently as possible, and while I was at it I also updated the dependencies
> to some more recent (known to be good) versions. This was not strictly
> necessary but made testing easier, as they already have proper OSGi bundle
> information.
> Essentially, all it does is add a "bndwrap" task to the ant build, which
> is invoked from the "jar" task. This is necessary as I didn't want to
> rewrite everything by using bnd directly to create the jar. Other than
> that the build process is not impacted.
> Two remaining issues I could need feedback with:
> - the handling of the library "version" seems scattered across the entire
> build process (seriously..make?) and I'm not really sure what to do with
> it; the bnd input properties file in the osgi directory has a "version"
> line which might need to be updated from whatever hackery the build
> process invokes. I'm reluctant to touch any of that. :-(
> - the backport retrotranslating is currently not implemented properly; the
> resulting bundle does not declare the retrotranslator or
> backport-util-concurrent dependencies correctly and therefore very likely
> won't resolve correctly in OSGi. Not sure if this is important enough -
> the bndwrap process for the retrotranslated jar would have to be fed a
> second properties file with updated dependencies. Volunteers welcome ;)
> Also maybe someone else familiar with OSGi can look over the generated
> bundle and check whether the imports/exports and version ranges are
> appropriate.
> Let me know what you think!
> Holger
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