[rabbitmq-discuss] Queue Re-declaration

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Thu Mar 26 07:22:01 GMT 2009


Brian Sullivan wrote:
> Actually I had the same question.  We would like to be able to know 
> which clients are connected to which queues mostly from an adminstration 
> standpoint.  In particular, if a queue is filling up, we would like to 
> be able to track down which application is not consuming fast enough (or 
> not at all).  From the rabbitmqctl output, I don't see a way to really 
> discern this once we have more than a couple of clients.

That information is quite tricky to get hold of, and presenting it in a 
sensible form in rabbitmqctl is trickier still. Anyway, I've added this 
to our todo list.

> In the meantime, what's the erlang shell command to find this information?

That would involve solving the first part of the trickiness mentioned above.

The information is held in the channel processes' consumer_mapping state 
field. So you'd have to reach into the channel processes' state, which 
is certainly possible, but not straightforward. First though you need to 
get hold of all channel processes. Again, that's possible but not 

If I find a spare couple of hours I'll give it a try.


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