[rabbitmq-discuss] Issue related to message consumption

Anand Ved anand.ved at Xoriant.Com
Mon Jun 29 13:40:12 BST 2009


I am implementing Rabbit MQ where in I have a client in Java that sends
out messages to a single Q. There is a consumer (extending
DefaultConsumer) that deals with this message, however, when ever I get
an exception in my consumer, it travels up to the Connection level and
closes the connection.  This leads to no other messages being consumed

I have a singleton class that initializes a Connection using
Using this connection, I have a Channel that declares an Exchange,
declares a Queue and binds the exchange and queue. As per the suggestion
in the documentation, since channel is not thread safe, I have it local
to each thread.

However, during consumption, I face an exception (say NullPointer) which
although I am catching it, traveses up to the Connection triggering it
to be closed.

Please suggest if there is a better way of managing this.

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