[rabbitmq-discuss] Python Client for RabbitMQ/AMQP?

Robert Godfrey rob.j.godfrey at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 20:59:06 BST 2007

I was thinking that I could probably get the Java Qpid broker to support
AMQP 0-9 (non-WIP) if there is demand.  For the production uses of Qpid that
I know about 0-8 is all that will be used however.

Martin - does OpenAMQ still accept clients wanting to talk 0-8 to it?  I
can't remember any changes off the top of my head between 0-8 and 0-9
(non-WIP) that would prevent a 0-9 broker from accepting communication from
a 0-8 client [sorry for hijacking a Rabbit-MQ list for a Qpid / OpenAMQ


On 23/08/07, Martin Sustrik <sustrik at imatix.com> wrote:
> > I don't recall any others off the top of my head.    I think OpemAMQ
> > doesn't implement persistence across broker restarts but that is a
> > design decision and doesn't affect what clients need to do.
> >
> > For the client at least, most of the differences between 8.0 (0.8 has
> > the major/minor version swapped in the xml file) and 0.9 are handled by
> > just swapping the automatically generated framing definitions file.
> This 0.8/0.9 thing is quite annoying... We would even revert to 0.8 to
> get compatibility with RabbitMQ and Qpid, but we desperately need
> Queue.Unbind which was added only in 0.9. Without Queue.Unbind we would
> face severe performance problems in production :(
> Sorry about that.
> Martin (OpenAMQ team)
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