[rabbitmq-discuss] Logging all messages all the time

Nolan Dubeau nolandubeau at gmail.com
Sat Nov 16 13:54:48 GMT 2013

Hi Chris,

I'm new to RabbitMQ, but came across this recently which seems to fit your 
use case - https://github.com/jbrisbin/riak-exchange.  Once the data is 
logged to Riak, there may be a way to do a post-commit hook from Riak to 
Logly or Splunk, or run some sort of schedule to do the transfer.  


On Thursday, 14 November 2013 17:46:55 UTC-4, Chris McKenzie wrote:
> We're using a RabbitMQ server for messaging between applications. We have 
> a need to create a central log for all amqp messages coming into the Rabbit 
> server. Our purpose is not temporary debugging, but rather auditability. 
> Ideally, I'd be able to log to a specified file to begin with, and later 
> log to an external system such as Logly or Splunk.
> I've explored turning on Firehose and using the tracing plugin, but the 
> queues in question are not durable. I'm also not sure if these solutions 
> will work if new queues and exchanges are added to the virtual host after 
> logging hast started. These tools seem designed more for temporary 
> debugging than what I need.
> I'd love to hear your ideas. At this point I'm worried I'll have to setup 
> a network monitor to intercept and log the messages before they reach 
> Rabbit.
> I asked this question on stackoverflow here: 
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19937345/how-to-log-all-rabbit-mq-messages?noredirect=1#comment29682873_19937345
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