[rabbitmq-discuss] Re : XML, txt and image file data transfer..

Tim Watson tim at rabbitmq.com
Mon Sep 24 09:55:37 BST 2012


On 09/24/2012 07:13 AM, Dhinesh, P [ Maples - IT ] wrote:
> 1.Requesting you guidance is there any other method to transfer the 
> TXT File

No, there is no kind of 'attachments' API in AMQP like the one in soap. 
If you want to 'know' something about the content in the consumer then 
you can set headers in the message yourself and handle these explicitly, 
dealing with stuff like content-type, encoding, mime-type, etc. It's all 
under your control, as the body and headers are treated as opaque by the 

>                 We tried the similar process for XML files, but when 
> we receive the content "/n" (New Line)  in consumer, below given the 
> which we have received message.
> '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> \n<ZACGPGRDOC>  \n<IDOC 
> \n <MAT_YEAR>2012</MAT_YEAR>\n <POST_DATE>17.05.2012</POST_DATE>\n 
> <LISEC_PO>260000760</LISEC_PO> \n 
> <ITEMNO>00001</ITEMNO> \n <CURR>INR</CURR> \n 

This looks absolutely fine. The python shell prints newlines escaped 
like this, but if you shove the text into a file then it'll look the way 
you expect.

>                 Here below given the screen shot also FYR..
> 2.Requesting your guidance and solution

To which problem?

> 3.Need to open the xml or txt file and ready the content.

You're have already opened the file and ready [sic] the content right?

> 4.Send that content as message from producer to consumer, which data 
> is in the xml or txt file.

You said you've already done this?

> 5.Is it possible to install python 2.7 into AIX 6.1 server. if it is 
> possible, kindly share it.

Try asking on the python mailing lists?

> 6.is there any way to possible to send the small image files from 
> producer to consumer.

Yes. Do exactly the same thing as for text and xml - as I mentioned 
above, the content of the message is opaque to the broker.
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