[rabbitmq-discuss] Re : XML, txt and image file data transfer..

Dhinesh, P [ Maples - IT ] Dhinesh.P at saint-gobain.com
Mon Sep 24 07:13:36 BST 2012

Dear Friends,


Can anyone help to us for below requirements..


Ø  We need to send the XML or txt file data transfer via RabbitMQ 2.8.4 using python 2.7 from producer to consumer.


Currently we are using the method for the text file, where the text file contents are read by using this function |f = open('D:\\test\\test.txt', "r")

   text = f.read()


   message =str


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                print " Sent "|                                                                    

in python and send it to the Queue and the same data has been received by the consumer and created as a file.


1.Requesting you guidance is there any other method to transfer the TXT File 


                We tried the similar process for XML files, but when we receive the content "/n" (New Line)  in consumer, below given the which we have received message.


                '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>   \n<ZACGPGRDOC>  \n<IDOC BEGIN="1">\n<ZACGPGRHEADER SEGMENT="1">\n  <MAT_DOC>10000106</MAT_DOC>      \n  <MAT_YEAR>2012</MAT_YEAR> \n  <POST_DATE>17.05.2012</POST_DATE> \n  <LISEC_PO>260000760</LISEC_PO> \n  <STATUS>Original</STATUS> \n<ZACGPGRITEM SEGMENT="1">\n  <ITEMNO>00001</ITEMNO> \n  <CURR>INR</CURR> \n  </ZACGPGRITEM>\n</ZACGPGRHEADER>\n</IDOC>\n</ZACGPGRDOC>'


                Here below given the screen shot also FYR..




2.Requesting your guidance and solution


3.Need to open the xml or txt file and ready the content.


4.Send that content as message from producer to consumer, which data is in the xml or txt file.


5.Is it possible to install python 2.7 into AIX 6.1 server. if it is possible, kindly share it.


6.is there any way to possible to send the small image files from producer to consumer.



Thanks in advance,


Dhinesh P

Server support (SGGI-IT)

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