[rabbitmq-discuss] HA-aware clients?

Alex Shneyderman a.shneyderman at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 08:41:28 BST 2012

Hi all!

There is something I do not really understand about how client is
taking advantage of the HA features of RabbitMQ. So, I setup two
servers. And I have a queue that is mirrored. My client connects to
one server. (I can give it an array of addresses but the documentation
says it will connect to the first server that is not down). So say I
have that client talking to server1 for a while. Server1 goes down, is
there a way for the client to re-establish connection to server2 while
server1 is being fixed up? I mean I am pretty sure client can I am
just not sure if this is the logic that is already implemented on the
client that is provided by rabbit (Java in my case, but I would also
be interested to know if erlang client works automagically) or is this
something I have to do on my own (I guess I could listen to shutdown
event and reconnect manually)?


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