[rabbitmq-discuss] Dynamic queue problem

Francesco Mazzoli francesco at rabbitmq.com
Mon Sep 10 19:00:53 BST 2012

At Mon, 10 Sep 2012 23:17:20 +0530,
Bhaskar teja wrote:
> How can we connect to the old dynamic queue so that we dont loose any messages
> in that queue?

In AMQP you can use an empty queue name to connect to the last created queue -
if you're not creating any other queues in the meantime that will help.

Otherwise you can simply get the queue name and have an option to connect to an
already declared queue, and manually provide that name.


> Is it a bad idea to use dynamically declared queues over named queues?
> What are the advantages dynamic queue vs named queues?

If you can give a name to a queue, I'd do it.  Dynamic queue are generally used
for disposable queue (e.g. queue with auto_delete).  Not having to think about
the name has its advantages, but can get annoying, as you experienced.

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