[rabbitmq-discuss] Dynamic queue problem

Bhaskar teja prudhviy at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 18:47:20 BST 2012


Our website has a daily traffic of around 50k users and we are using
rabbitmq for generating web notifications asynchronously.

Right now we are using a design pattern as follows,
     Exchange name - "web_notifications"
     Type - direct
     Routing key - "documents"
     Exchange name - "web_notifications"
     Type - direct
     Routing key - "documents"
     Queue name - dynamically generated (no name given)

so here when ever we change the python code in consumer, we have to
restart the consumer daemon process. The problem is when ever consumer
restarts, it declares a new queue to the exchange and the old one is
left away in which some messages are ready to consume.

How can we connect to the old dynamic queue so that we dont loose any
messages in that queue?
Is it a bad idea to use dynamically declared queues over named queues?
What are the advantages dynamic queue vs named queues?

Thank you,
Bhaskar teja

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