[rabbitmq-discuss] Can you give me some advices About RabbitMQ

Li, Wenhui wenhui.li at quanshi.com
Thu Jul 19 03:44:46 BST 2012

Hi Guys,


How are you?  I am sorry to bother you! I am a BlackBerry developer, now we
have a BlackBerry project need use your product RabbitMQ.

But, when we download the latest RabbitMQ client zip and import our project,
we found many error.

Through research we found that these errors are due to Java jdk version. The
Blackberry jdk base on the j2me, in other words, the blackberry api

Just only support j2me sdk, but your RabbitMQ client code base on the j2se
sdk, so, some RabbitMQ use the API can't be support by RIM, such as

HashMap. Cloneable interface, EvevntListener interface and so on. I have
tried to modify those errors, but found it is very difficult, because change
this will make some 

More error in other class.


Can you give some advice or idea for this problem? Please..


I am very appreciate, thank you very much.





Kevin Lee

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