[rabbitmq-discuss] Build deb package including plugins

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Sat Jul 21 10:11:00 BST 2012


On 20/07/12 18:11, Clemens Kolbitsch wrote:
> Wait, just to make sure, so I cannot build the deb package from
> umbrella alone? That seemed to have worked fine in the past.

The umbrella, and all the sub-repositories contained within are sufficient.

> I'm sorry, but I completely cannot follow. What/where is the
> "plugins-src" directory?

This contains the sources for all the plugins. The instructions will
make more sense if you look at the Debian source, which also contains a
plugins-src directory. The instructions re-constitute a Debian source
directory, but with the latest sources from mercurial.


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