[rabbitmq-discuss] Mnesia connection error in a clustered node on a multi NIC PC

davidib davidib2001 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 10 15:43:08 GMT 2012

Hey Emile,

Now it makes ALOT more sense!  I thought I had taken care of this
issue via explicitly opening port 4369.  Didn't realize that the epmd
port was randomly assigned.  Looks like I can avoid the dynamic nature
of the port assignment by using the ERL_EPMD_PORT environment

Thanks again

On Feb 10, 9:28 am, Emile Joubert <em... at rabbitmq.com> wrote:
> Hi David,
> On 10/02/12 14:54, davidib wrote:
> > 1.) I'm a bit concerned regarding the solution, again I can't find any
> > documenation regarding port 1052.  I very very much appreciate your
> You won't find any documentation on that port number, because it was
> randomly assigned when your Erlang VM started up. If you reboot then it
> will change. At the time when this diagnostic information was produced
> the value was correct:
> Error: unable to connect to node 'rabbit at LAKE-DS140': nodedown
> diagnostics:
> - nodes and their ports on LAKE-DS140: [{rabbit,1052}]
> You can find the current set of ports by running "epmd -names". You will
> find epmd in the erts/bin folder of your Erlang installation.
> > allocated time to get RabbitMQ up and running in a reasonably robust
> > way is 4-6 weeks.  As a rabbitmq newbie, do you think this timeframe
> > is doable?
> Our aim is that you should have a single-node broker running in a few
> minutes after downloading. It should not be a complicated affair to set
> up. Clustering takes a bit more time to set up, so you should allow for
> that. I'm in no position to validate estimates though! Please let us
> have your suggestions for improvements to RabbitMQ that will help you
> reach your goal.
> > who isn't running a firewall on a production server.  If clustering
> > really doesn't work well over the firewall, doesn't that imply it's
> > usage is limited to a very tiny population of production
> > infrastructures?
> Clustering works fine through a firewall, provided that the instructions
> here are followed:http://www.rabbitmq.com/clustering.html#firewall
> If you have followed these instructions and run into difficulties then
> please let us know.
> -Emile
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