[rabbitmq-discuss] Mnesia connection error in a clustered node on a multi NIC PC

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Fri Feb 10 15:28:00 GMT 2012

Hi David,

On 10/02/12 14:54, davidib wrote:
> 1.) I'm a bit concerned regarding the solution, again I can't find any
> documenation regarding port 1052.  I very very much appreciate your

You won't find any documentation on that port number, because it was
randomly assigned when your Erlang VM started up. If you reboot then it
will change. At the time when this diagnostic information was produced
the value was correct:

Error: unable to connect to node 'rabbit at LAKE-DS140': nodedown
- nodes and their ports on LAKE-DS140: [{rabbit,1052}]

You can find the current set of ports by running "epmd -names". You will
find epmd in the erts/bin folder of your Erlang installation.

> allocated time to get RabbitMQ up and running in a reasonably robust
> way is 4-6 weeks.  As a rabbitmq newbie, do you think this timeframe
> is doable?

Our aim is that you should have a single-node broker running in a few
minutes after downloading. It should not be a complicated affair to set
up. Clustering takes a bit more time to set up, so you should allow for
that. I'm in no position to validate estimates though! Please let us
have your suggestions for improvements to RabbitMQ that will help you
reach your goal.

> who isn't running a firewall on a production server.  If clustering
> really doesn't work well over the firewall, doesn't that imply it's
> usage is limited to a very tiny population of production
> infrastructures?

Clustering works fine through a firewall, provided that the instructions
here are followed:
If you have followed these instructions and run into difficulties then
please let us know.


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