[rabbitmq-discuss] Mnesia connection error in a clustered node on a multi NIC PC

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Fri Feb 10 15:57:41 GMT 2012


On 10/02/12 15:43, davidib wrote:
> Now it makes ALOT more sense!  I thought I had taken care of this
> issue via explicitly opening port 4369.  Didn't realize that the epmd
> port was randomly assigned.  Looks like I can avoid the dynamic nature
> of the port assignment by using the ERL_EPMD_PORT environment
> variable!

That's not the problem. You need to allow connections to the port mapper
daemon as well as to the Erlang nodes. The former is fixed (defaults to
4369) but can be changed via ERL_EPMD_PORT. The latter is random and can
be controlled via the inet_dist_listen_min and inet_dist_listen_max
Erlang parameters.


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