[rabbitmq-discuss] Application Architecture Question (topic routing + fanout broadcasting)?

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Hi Andy,
The exchange to exchange binding is IMHO the way to go.  You can create "user" exchanges bound to the origin exchange(s) with the binding keys that you require and temp Qs that bind to the "user" exchanges...
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I'm new to Queuing so please be patient.

I'm trying to build an app to support the following scenario.

We have a database with keys like

state.zipcode.itemtype.details  as new items are entered we want all subscribers to get the data. 

A person can subscribe using wildcards(# or *) in any of the positions. 

For instance given the following data entry keys


We want many subscribers to have the ability to create a filters like ny.#.cars to get all cars in NY. Or  they may want to say  #.jetskies or ny.*.boats.# etc etc.. anyways end users need the ability to create complex filters.

The hard part is with a topic exchange/queue only one subscriber is going to get an item when it hits the exchange/queue. I really need a combination of topic + fanout.

Can I create the exchange as a topic and route it to another fanout exchange where the end user is a queue?  Does the ruby amqp gem support exchange to exchange bindings?

Did any of that even make sense?  :D

Any help would be appreciated.


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