[rabbitmq-discuss] Application Architecture Question (topic routing + fanout broadcasting)?

Andrew Barringer abarringer at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 06:16:21 BST 2012


I'm new to Queuing so please be patient.

I'm trying to build an app to support the following scenario.

We have a database with keys like

state.zipcode.itemtype.details  as new items are entered we want all
subscribers to get the data.

A person can subscribe using wildcards(# or *) in any of the positions.

For instance given the following data entry keys


We want many subscribers to have the ability to create a filters like
ny.#.cars to get all cars in NY. Or  they may want to say  #.jetskies or
ny.*.boats.# etc etc.. anyways end users need the ability to create complex

The hard part is with a topic exchange/queue only one subscriber is going
to get an item when it hits the exchange/queue. I really need a combination
of topic + fanout.

Can I create the exchange as a topic and route it to another fanout
exchange where the end user is a queue?  Does the ruby amqp gem support
exchange to exchange bindings?

Did any of that even make sense?  :D

Any help would be appreciated.

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