[rabbitmq-discuss] Task queues: use rabbitmq to build one, or use rabbitmq AS one

Mark Feeney mark.feeney at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 22:38:44 BST 2012

Hi, Emile.

Thanks for the response!

> If you find yourself performing SELECT queries on the messages, and
> their order is less important then consider using a relational database
> instead.

I do have some fairly tricky SELECT statements to get the next item
form my current queue system, so this is a good point.

> If not all messages are routed in an identical way, or you find yourself
> writing lots of database trigger code then I would suggest using a
> message broker. RabbitMQ can cope with long persistent queues, with
> messages of variable sizes.

This sounds like another good guideline.  Right now I don't really
have any message routing on the ingress side of my ad-hoc queue
system.  The SELECT statement that gets the next message ends up doing
some fiddly logic to get the "correct" message out, and this can cause
issues, esp. with larger queues.  I'm considering routing messages to
the correct queue when they first arrive, so rabbit seems like a good
fit for this sort of thing.

> If performance is a consideration then you should run some benchmarks
> for your expected workload.

Of course.  Thanks again for your response, I'm getting a clearer
picture of how I might use rabbitmq.


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